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Humanity and the Black Hole

The Star Logic of the Change of Ages

The center of our galaxy is an enormous Black Hole, or Singularity, around which swirl the billions of stars of the Milky Way. For present purposes I call this Black Hole the Feminine Center. As a 'White Hole', she is part of the Universal Creation, or Great Mother, from which the physical universe was spawned. This is her aspect as 'Creative Goddess'. In holding her 'children' (the stars) in place around her, she is the Tribal Female Center, or Nurturing Mother. In magnetizing them and drawing them back into herself (the core of our galaxy will eventually consume all the stars) she is Destructive Goddess.

In actuality, the Creation and Destruction only appear separated in time; they are an integral act. The Black Hole which eats the stars (and life) is also the White Hole which births them and the stable loving Mother who holds them. The point of our story here is that when a particularly strong connection is being made to the Center, as it is now (symbolically called Millenium, Change of Ages, Resurrection, Second Coming, Mayan End Date, etc.) the forces of both Destruction and Creation are acutely powerful. Fundamental change is inevitable. The Deathing Mother pulls aspects of our world out of existence; but gives the opportunity to replace them with healthier ones. This time of power comes when Earth Center (Mother) aligns through Sun center to Galactic Center-Mother.

For us as species, this time is analogous to young adulthood. Opportunities and priviledges increase. We get a driver's license. We can drink or smoke. Vote. Independence, mating, career choices await. At the same time challenges and pitfalls increase. We are thrown out of the nest, must support ourselves, make our own decision. If they are bad decisions, we reap the consequences. The right to drink may become alcoholism. The driver's license a wreck or accident. The need to support ourselves may lead to criminal activity. For the species, there are analogous choices. We open the atom, which can lead to clean (hydrogen) power, or destroying ourselves. We can explore the planets, and then the stars; or make our own world uninhabitable. We become more powerful, and more dangerous.

There is a 'Star-Logic' which records our progress into adulthood. Until some 200 years ago, the outermost known planet was Saturn, the 'time- or gate-keeper'. Saturn functions like a school principal, setting rules and norms which govern behavior. With the discovery of Uranus (Freedom and Adventure, among other attributes), we were out of school. Neptune and Pluto have followed - Neptune symbolizing the 'Great Sea of Being', the wider universe from which we had previously been cut off. And Pluto the transformative power to create or destroy our own reality. Thus Uranus and Pluto become Uranium and Plutonium, with their ambivalent possibilities. In other Messages, I have argued that this transition was foreseen and even planned by some among our elders, and that their council is still available to us. The decisions themselves are ours.

The realignment to the Galactic Center is a 'call home' on the part of the Galactic Mother. Individuation, recognizing the Male Power as the urge to break from the past, has proceeded apace; some would say too quickly. When we were last at an equivalent place in terms of alignment to the Galactic Center, some 13,000 years ago, the realignment from Center through Sun to Earth was carried out physically - a Pole Shift and events that have come down to us under names like the Great Flood and Fall of Atlantis, with disastrous consequences for humans and the loss of many species. The power of the Center magnetized those events. This is the Active Feminine, as Kali or Durga.

Such disruptive physical events are possible again, but power can be distributed and redirected through conscious spiritual work and effort. In this regard I have pointed out the difference between human and all other animal species, that we in our conscious activity live with spines upright. This is because, while animals distribute energy on the planet, we are at work integrating sky and earth. Previously only the trees did that, always upright, but fixed in place. We humans are both upright and mobile (by day), parallel and fixed (by night). We can be the means of harmonizing and integrating planetary consciousness with the surrounding cosmos; or we can 'split' our own atomic psyches, individually and tribally sure we know who are the 'good guys', who is evil; and destroy our world by our own hand.

That the time is now, and that these events are objective in nature, foreknown and even preplanned, is illustrated by the Mayan Calendar, which accurately predicted the coming of Cortez (or return of Quetzalcoatl) in 1519. From there the Calendar predicted a period of 7 'Hells' of 52 years each, concluding in 1987, the year of the 'Harmonic Convergence'. From 1987 a period of 26 years (at a ratio of 1 to 1,000, symbolizing the 26,000 year Great Year) denotes the precise alignment to Galactic Center, ending in 2012, the birth of a new 'Sun' or World Era. This is the pivotal period in which we now find ourselves. My guides often put it thus: "You are not here to follow a path. You are here to make a path." A path into a new era, honoring the past, using the best of the old religious, spiritual, economic and social traditions, but forging something fundamentally new.

There was a plan to get us this far. That humans would have to be present in their billions, to integrate the power, was part of the plan. It is the reason we are the only species in which the female is continually in estrus, to build the population. It is also the reason we are the only species which copulates face-to-face - to teach us that Creation is a conscious cooperative effort. It has also been a part of the plan to emphasize the Male Force, that of individuation, Soul Creation, deviation from the tribal norm or center. Our voyages into separation, apartness and uniqueness, while often painful, teach us to forge our souls. Our physicists now tell us that reality is created when a field of possibility (called Virtual Reality) is observed by a conscious mind, and 'set' into something actual. Hopefully they will come to understand that the term 'Virtual Reality' is not accidental - for Reality is in fact created out of Virtues. Ideas and ideals.

Much as in the teenage years the influence of the father becomes greater in leading the child to 'leave the womb', so the deification of the Masculine as 'God' was an idea with the funciton of spurring growth and ferment. But it becomes a 'bad idea' when mini-gods argue over who is the 'Evil One', when President Bush-god insults President Kim-god and President Saddam-god, who 'lose face' and threaten to spew nuclear and biological havoc on the rest of us. ("Will you even put me in the wrong? Will you condemn me that you may be justified? Have you an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like His?" Job 40:8,9.) The thunder and bombast are obvious.

It is our time to make our way into the wider cosmos as an adult species, alive to both our 'masculine' and 'feminine' natures.

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