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The Science and Art of Angelish

To get from an angle to an angel, it is only necessary to transpose two letters. Yet most of us would hear the two words as having nothing to do with each other - one representing a perhaps-imaginary spiritual being, the other a common term in mathematics. It is the contention of Angelish - 'original language' - that these two words mean exactly the same thing - as viewed from the differing perspectives of the right and left lobes of the brain.

For the left (discriminatory) lobe, from a given point, any direction of emanation is an angle. The point is the center of all angles. For the right (universalizing) lobe, the 'center' or 'source' is what we call 'God', 'Spirit', 'The One', or 'Great Mother'. And messages from the Divine Center to us are angels. Thus we call a large open angle an 'arc angle', and a big important angel an 'arch angel'. Same thing, seen from the left lobe as objective, detached, scientific, mathematical, material or conceptual; from the right lobe as subjective, poetic, metaphoric, ethereal, religious or spiritual. Angels are angles.

Numerous other words and concepts reflect this duality. Early on in math class we are taught that a radius is a line from the center of the circle to the circumference. This is left-brain. For the right brain, a radius becomes a 'ray Dius', a connection from divinity, Spirit or God or Great Mother at the center, to the circumference, or surface, where we live.

The very word number is reflected by the right brain as 'numb-er', suppressive of emotional realities. Too many numbers - tax payer ID's, telephone numbers, card pin numbers, bank account totals, Social Security numbers, etc. etc. etc. and our capacity to appreciate life becomes numbed, or numbered, out. Digitized and dead to joy.

The left brain is always concerned with what separates and makes distinct; the right brain with what connects. The two lobes reflect a fundamental polarity of existence. But when they cease to hear each other, we 'split'. Some of us become left-brain automatons, objects without subjectivity. Some of us drift off into phantasmagoric illusory realities, subjects without objectivity.

Let's take a look at some basic mathematical concepts from the perspective of Angelish. Take the common term algorithm - a 'basic set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving processes'. In Angelish, an algorithm, is an 'all go rhythm' - how we dance together, or resonate musically. A logarithm is "a quantity representing the power to which a fixed number (the base) must be raised to produce a given number." For the right brain, this is simply an account of how we 'log a rhythm', that is, record a repeatable experience. While a sine is a sign - a ratio (ray show) pointing to a resolution (re-solution) of a trigonometric function (funk shun; it's not hopeless).

The physical concept of an atom (literally 'a-tomic', that which can't be split) was originally the idea of the most basic particle of being. From the right brain spiritual perspective, an atom would be 'at Om', the fundamental resonance of the universe. And the word 'particle' itself is experienced by the subjective right brain as the 'part I call'.

Chemistry becomes 'key mystery', unveiling the secrets of matter (that is, what matters to us). And alchemy, which from the perspective of the left brain is 'false science', becomes revealed as 'all key me', the spiritual lessons through which I learn to change what is lead (led, controlled by others) to what is gold (goaled, chosen by the self).

The beauty of a crystal reveals its universal nature as 'christ-all', that the One in whatever form is the Many.

The term 'ecological' becomes 'echo-logical' - that what is accomplished by the individual act of caring or not caring for our world, including our own bodies, echoes out to wider and wider implications.

Intelligence itself is revealed as 'in tell I genesis', how I come to understand the creation.

An ion, the scientific term for a particle with an unbalanced charged, is what drives me, or 'I', on - I on, and on and on - to search for what completes me.

Mass is the Catholic mass - amassing or drawing together in a process of 'what matters', or what creates matter.

Mathematics itself is 'Ma-thematics', the Mother's Themes, the subjects, themes and motifs of existence. Among the branches of mathematics are arithmetic (a rhythm me tic; what I move to in time (time - tie me; bond me to reality). Geometry - geo me tree; my relation to earth. And the word 'numerical' is literally 'new miracle', as every number offers it's own distinct way of organizing reality.

In this solar (soul are) system the Sun (of God) is surrounded by worlds, which once were whirleds (whirling balls of gasses) until they were converted into planets (plan nets, or nets to capture the purpose or plan of existence) while existence itself becomes 'X is tense', that throbbing resonance to the continual encounter of otherness which creates change in self. Trigonometry - Tri-go, no-me-try; try-go, no me-try. Try angels to tell you how to work the angles; they've already worked out the rules, you don't have to. Calculus - call (to) cull us; methods of systems of calculation.

Indeed, all the sciences and all the arts are taught (taut; in dymanic tension) at a university - U 'n' I verse city; where we share the U 'n; I version of reality.

Science itself is validated by experiment - ex pair I meant; casting off what doesn't belong with me. While probability is our 'PROBe ABILITY'. the capacity to test our projections against outcome.

The possibilities of Angelish are endless, once we realize (see with real eyes) that words are castings of spells, or spellings. It is in the comparison of the two stories told by the two brain lobes that we identify our fundamental polarities - One-Many, Female-Male, Subjective-Objective, Science-Art.

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