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These messages and reflections were written at different points since the first one immediately following 9/11. I have arranged them loosely by subject matter, though much of the material interweaves. See also Meditations, AngeLynx and Dreams for further reflections.

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Star Logic / Change of Ages

The Great Year, the New Age, Mayan Calendar, Cycles of Time

New Age, New Great Year

11/11/11 and the 11-Dimensional Universe
Numbers, Dimensions, The Universe and the Multiverse

Humanity and the Black Hole:
Star Logic of the Change of Ages. Nature of Female Power. Becoming spiritual adults.

What the Ancestors Knew
The Great Year 2 - Wisdom of the Past

The Age of Aquarius:
New Ages as Months of the Great Year

Why Now: The Star Logic of Crisis
Cycles of the Great Year

Star Logic:
The Cycles of Time

History vs. Ms.Story

Reconnecting to the Womb of the Earth Mother

The Nature of Female Power:
The 'way in is the way out'.

Earth and Sky:
Masculine and Feminine Principles.

The Triple Goddes:
Moon and Menstruation. Crone as Crow-In

9/11: Exploders and Exploiters
Lessons from a Crisis

Holy War and Fear of the Feminine
The Messages of Patriarchal Religion

From Ancient Wisdom through Christianity to the New Age

The End of the Age, The Beginning of the Age

The Meaning of the Cross:
Fifth Chakra: The Cross and the Sword

Iran and Persia, Mithras and Jesus:
The Roman State and the Roman Church

Jerusalem as Spiritual Center:
Hope in the Midst of Fear

Rome-Antic - The American Empire:
Historic Parallels between US and Rome

Chicago as the Spiritual Capitol of the World:
Empire, a 'Merica', Chicago

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