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AngeLynx Divination Deck Angelish Dictionary Lynx in Time, Vol 1 - the 1960s



Poetry and Politics

the politics of revelation
and the economics of our own revulsion
to be overfed, and futile
in the face of desperation, hate and hunger
shatter such a crystal web
as the dreamer's sere poetic law
break idealist empty forms
scatter the thin glass of spirit
into powdered sift
and sweep that romance from the mind
but the old dream pieces filter down
into the new social stomach
and that's inside the rub, I think
of very raw gut revolution

man's own self-creation
will follow the historic line
but men in part will have their own
the struggle times man's history
but there are other, private time
quiet, awed and sudden moments
not of politics and economics
and if events are dialectical
they still repeat their themes
conceal, retain, reveal - to us
and require the rhythm of our minds

the dialectic is an art
and the artist is a man
poetry is born
of more than revolution
but let the revolution sing
and the poet will march
from night to day the dream is act
from day to night the act is dream
John Sacelli, 1968


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