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The Fizz I Call Body:

Thigh Will Be Done

The Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi tree. For Bodhi, read body. He stopped trying to ascend (ass end), achieve nirvana, or find god outside himself. He found the universal spirit in his own body.

A body is an abode, a biding, an embodiment (in-body-meant) - a place of waiting. Contrary to popular belief, angels do not devolve when they 'fall' ­ they/we descend into matter in order to find what matters to us. We live in bodies to slow down experience, to give our experience resonance and texture while we examine it.

The 'body tree' is a 'body three' (tree as in trio). Like the three parts of a tree - limbs, trunk, roots - the physical body is divided into head, torso, and legs. The Angelish of the body is extensive. Every English word has an Angelish derivation, but some are more obvious than others. We'll confine ourselves here to the easy ones. In order, head-ing down:

Our hair is our in-hair-itance (in hair I dance; fr German 'tanz', dance). A thick and luxurious growth of hair rising from the top of the head then spreading down toward earth is a sensual (sense-you-all) connection and reminder of our earthly origins, of all the bodies ­ dust-to-dust, earth-to-earth ­ which have gone before us and prepared the ground for this present vehicle we inhabit. While the bald head of a Holy Man or Nun might reflect heavenly aspirations to rise above the earthly life.

The first syllable of 'face' is pronounced 'fay', from which we have the ideas of both 'fate' and 'fairy'. While the second syllable is 'c', 'see' or 'sea'. Our face is our fate, drawn from the fairy realms of possibility, into our own uniqueness, drawn from the great sea of being, or from 'c', the speed of light, into the story which we show the world, what others see when they look at us.

Somewhere in the head or brain is the mind. Mind also means 'obey', for we tell the body to obey the mind. It is said that once, in the time when the Goddess ruled, woman controlled men. And that the body controlled the mind. Like all oppressed peoples, the men yearned to escape from their oppression. They discovered a place to plan their revolt away from women. This was called the men-tal (from 'tal', an old English and present German root meaning 'valley'). Thus 'mental' is the 'valley of the men', or 'mind'. When we reprise the war between body and mind, or men and women, we are once again living in the 'mined' - mined with old resentments and misunderstandings of the past.

Eyes are 'I's. In the sense of 'the eyes are windows to the soul', our personal lives, our 'i's, show how clearly our windows to spirit are kept washed. Is there a light, a sparkle, shinning forth? Do we have 'bedroom eyes'? Are we direct, or evasive? Focused or blurry? Near-sighted or far-sighted? All of these are expressions of perspective or personality - our I's see the world from our own point of view.

The ears hear (h-ear). Our hearing is our here-ring - the circle of sensory inputs which keep us present. What we hear is what we are present to. Want to feel really alive? Be ear now! Listen to the sounds which constantly tell the story of life around us.

The nose knows. It is not only air and necessary oxygen, or at a more subtle level prana, which pours in through the nostrils (nose trails), but the environment as a whole. Odors are O-doors ­ openings to all that surrounds us. While the sinus is the psi-in-us ­ the Œpsychic¹ or Œpsi-kick¹ translators of the messages of that surrounding world. In the sinus is the psyche, or psi-key, that opens the experience of other beings to our understanding.

The chin is the chi-in, or vital force within. In oriental medicine the chin is considered a reflex area of the buttocks. As the buttocks area of the body frames the base of the torso, and hold the vital life energies, so the chin frames and holds the force of the head.

Our throat is our 'throw-at' ­ the vehicle for the words, wyrds, spellings, castings of spells we throw at the world in order to bring it under our spell.

The shoulders shoulder our burdens. The arms arm us for peace or war. The hands handle (hand all) our weapons and tools

Below the head is the torso or trunk ­ like chest, trunk is another word for container. At the center of our (treasure) chest is the heart ­ or he-art (heaven art) of being human (hue-man; the colorings of our art). From the heart pour the art-eries which bring fresh oxygen and nurturants to the body. This is the art of living well. Llving in toxic environments, breathing dirty air, eating denatured food is bad art - leading to the clogged art-eries, or art-areas, which threaten us. The veins try in vain, or Œveinity¹ (vanity), to detoxify the cells (imprisonments) of bad art-ery. (Art-ery was more directly expressed in older English forms, when the question Œwho are you¹ was rendered more accurately as Œwho art though¹ ­ a way of asking Œwhat art of living do you practice.') To add a bit of Frangolish (French Angelish) to the language stew, the French for heart is coeur - from which we derive the English word courage - when the heart is deeply stirred, the heart (coeur) rages, and in our deepest and most skillful he-art, we are able to overcome grief and obstacles.

The stomache ­ stow-make ­ stores or stows the foods we eat, converting or re-making them into forms digestible to us. This job is continued in the intestines ­ in, test, in¹s ­ which test what is to be kept as part of us, what is to be rejected. The lower intestines descend into the groin ­ grow-in ­ where liver (live Œr die?) continues separating us from non-us.

Behind the groin is our rear, ass, butt, buns or hips. Just as bread or buns from a bakery hold a storage of energy, so do our buns hold our vitality. To put those vital energies to use is the purpose of a bun dance (abundance). Yet a bun dance also has an end, and leads ultimately to ass end dance (ascendance). That is, the dance of physical (fizz I call) life once again becomes the dance of Spirit.

Our butts are also our Œbuts¹ ­ what we reject. What hold us back. "I'd do it, but - "; "I love you, but - ". When we're stuck, we may need a 'kick in the but' to get started again.

At the bottom of our groin (grow-in) is our sex (Sea X; sea of unknown possibilities) which creates the Kin-Key of new life variations. Our matings are with people from other genetic strains - it is always a meeting with mystery, the stranger, the unknown 'X'. 'Y' are we called together as we are? To meet 'X'. The Y chromosome meets the X chromosome. Y meets X. Man meets woman. Sex. What draws us to these matings, which create new families? The key to kinship, the kin-key, is usually a little kinky. The twisted helix of DNA is, well, twisted. If we're a little too twisted, we need to get straight; if we're too straight, our lives need a little twist. Bored? See 'X' Have sex. The Kin-Key is turned when the penis (pee-in-us) is inserted into the vagina, or venus (vee-in-us). This results in a new foetus (feet us; feat us; the accomplishment of a new form or body for our collective Earth-Walk).

Placed at the back of our body, just as it states, is the back ­ our past. Other animals have tails at the bottoms of their spines which extend behind (into he past), and are used for balance in moving from the past to the future. Humans have tales, from their brains, at the top of he spine, which accomplish the same thing. The spine is spy-in, for as any good Chiropractor, reflexologist or ayurvedic healer can tell you, each vertebra of the spine tells the story of a given area of the body. We need only Œspy-in¹ to hear the tale. It is our tail, or tale - the story of the past, which may include old failures which keep us asking (ass-king) for help to get our butt/but in gear.

The bone at the bottom of the spine is called the sacrum. When we are moved by passion of some kind, the sacrum heats up and the kundalini (yin-and-yang-fused-into-Tao) rises up. This heated sacrum becomes red - which gives us the word sacred (sacrum red) - spiritual passion.

So long as we remain embodied, the energy of a bun dance passes through the hips (hip, hip, hooray!) and into the thighs. Which are the pistons which drive the body forward on its Earth-Walk. The power of Spirit becomes the empowerment of flesh. Thigh will be done!

And yet we all have needs. Or Œkneed¹s¹. That which drives us to our knees, and teaches us humility. In complete acknowledgment of our needs, our forehead (fore head; our fantasies of grandeur, our thoughts of where we are head-ed) are then brought to ground, to a renewed communion with earth. This is the true meaning of Islamic and some forms of Buddhist prayer ­ to be brought to our needs and discharge our fantasies of grandeur into the earth. Leaving aside any mask-you-line pre-tensions which may have occurred in Muslim practice, it is also very much an expression of the belief of the Islamic world that the materialism and racial prejudices of Western values will be brought down. That Westerners too will be forced to their (k)needs.

Which, continuing down the body, brings our attention to our feet. Our feet are Œfeats¹ ­ accomplishments. The basic feat of staying alive requires being in the right place at the right time, staying grounded, keeping our Œfeet on the ground¹. If we lose that grounding, that right relationship to the earth and our own destiny, we can be de-feated (de-feeted).

In this society, in which we all live in the future of a perpetually expanding economy and the ŒAmerican Dream¹ of upward mobility, we have to Œstay on our toes¹ to Œkeep ahead of the Joneses¹ (or the Chinese). Our toes are what tow (toe) us forward and onward - our hopes and dreams but also our greed, our fear, our ambition - never at peace with where we are. This perpetual forward tilt (embodied in female fashion as high heels and painted ­ pain-tied - toes) destroys the symmetry of our earth alignment and the rhythm of our Earth-Walk.

So we become sick. De-feeted in our attempt to remain on our toes, we fall back and become Œdown at the heels¹. We are in need of healing, or Œheeling¹. Our healing occurs only when our earth-walk returns to a rocking Œheal-and-toe¹ rhythm; when we are able to Œspring off our toes¹ into the air of ideas, ideals, hopes and dreams, yet still Œland on our feet¹ (feat) of concrete and practical accomplishment. That is, when we drop back out of our anxious arched postures and into acceptance of our true Œsole¹ purpose. That is when we Œfind our souls¹.

Souls (soles) are our immortality, our most spiritual selves. Yet they are also our most physical selves, for they express our uniqueness only when we can express our function as part of a greater whole. The person who Œhas soul¹ expresses vitality and zest for life because s/he is nurtured by the earth, and gives back to it. The soul is the sole ­ the center-point of our earth connection.

The wonder, the welling up of life, the joy of being, all this needs a container, a place to be - this great bubbling ferment is the 'fizz-I-call-body'.

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