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Finding Source and Center

Begin by imagining you are an animal in the woods, completely still, stopping to sniff the air. You want to know what's out there. Each breath brings the world in, and reveals it to you. The animal does not think; it knows directly. Focus on your nostrils, feeling them flare, sensing everything around you. You can even feel a tingling in your nose, the oxygen discharging, the prana spreading through your body. As soon as you become aware of this, you are already floating inside yourself, in the first level of meditation.

Now examine what it is in your outside world that you have been stuck to, concerned about, entwined with. Suppose, for instance, it is a work situation, or a relationship, which comes to your attention. Let it be there in front of you. In a detached though compassionate manner, examine what you have become aware of from your outer world. If it is a person or a situation, see them as they are, not as how they affect you. Do not interact, but as if you were spirit, simply observe. (What you are observing could be yourself.) If a person, note strengths and weaknesses, personality, body form, aspirations and fears, defenses, the story as you know or intuit it.

Now reach out with your own magnetic energy field and magnetize that person or situation. Then very slowly begin to draw them closer. The energy field is being compressed. As the compression intensifies, forms begin to break down. Stories, personalities, defenses, body forms, everything begins to implode, releasing levels of organization in reverse order to that in which they were created. The person you see in front of you may seem to become younger and younger. As you bring them right up to you, everything has become just a swirling ball of energy. Draw that energy ball through your heart into your spine, down your spine, into the earth. Keep going until there is no further place to go; you are at the Center, the Source, Womb of the Great Mother, Home of Spirit. Release the energy egg you have brought down with you, along with any observations you may have about what is needed for that soul's growth or evolution (again, it may be your own). Feel all the threads that have bound you to that soul or story being given over to Spirit, knowing that, if they still belong in your life, they will be brought back to you. But for now, you are emptying out. Each soul involved is being sent on his or her own journey. You are now alone, with Spirit, with Mother.

You feel the Mother's waters surrounding you, soothing your body, your mind, your spirit. Her energy is all about you, but it is also entering you,spreading into every cell of your body. She is soothing, laving, touching, suffusing you with Her own nature, Her being, Her love, Her nurture. You are floating in the core of Her womb, and She in turn is inside every cell of your being. Into the emptiness, feel Spirit rewarding you for the work you have done. You have brought one or more souls into more direct connection with Spirit. You have been a channel, a priest or priestess; you have made a connection between the outer world and Source. In your meditation, you have been a light worker, assisting in transformation and evolution. Feel the Mother's love for you as fresh energy seeping into every cell of your being, bringing you refreshment, wisdom, strength, grace, beauty. With this fresh energy, and while you are still at the Center, plant the new seeds of intention you wish to grow in place of whatever you have released.

Then feel free to journey, to travel. Perhaps the animal you first imagined is still with you. Perhaps there are feelings, sensations, sounds, visions or visitations. Or simply silence, peace. Your adventure, your journey, belongs to you. Go where the dream takes you.

When you return, bring your insights and gifts with you, ready to be treasured alone or shared with others, as you think best. You are the link between earth and sky. You are The Path. You are the creative expression of life, seeking the expression of greater wisdom and beauty. You are the meditation you have just experienced.

Each of us is one tiny speck in the cosmos; but we are also all that is.

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