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9/11: Exploders & Exploiters

A Strategy of Response

In response to this morning's events, the following thoughts were received from spirit concerning a strategy of response for those who work with shamanic energies: A war is being fought between two forces which may be characterized as 'Exploiters' and 'Exploders' - persons whose soul alignment is too cold or too hot. The exploiters are those who lead privileged lives, and are indifferent to suffering in a world where one fifth of the human population live in relative comfort, while the rest struggle for survival, irreplaceable resources are drained, forests disappear and species go out of existence. The exploders are those so caught in rage and hatred that they have lost any sense of discrimination between the guilty and the innocent, and are willing to sacrifice everyone. Although this war presents itself around racial or class issues, the deeper underlying issue is the spiritual imbalance between the Feminine and Masculine principles, which constricts access to feminine perspective, compassion, nourishment and power, creating the appearance of scarcity in which groups of males compete for dominance, and male dominant religious compete for spiritual authority.

The first task is to examine what elements of either of these extremes - exploiter or exploder - we cling to on our own life. Are we overly absorbed in our income level, our personal comforts, social position, power in the world, or our sex lives? Is it important to eat at expensive restaurants? Are we too busy to give to others? Do we cling to grudges and hatreds, prejudice or grievance?

To become spiritual warriors and join into a spiritual 'third force':

  1. Align in prayer or meditation to the earth, particularly to earth center. To do so, bring your conscious focus inside yourself, pass down through yourself and ask to be taken into the womb of the Mother (Source, Mystery). Share your reactions to these events, and announce yourself as a volunteer.

  2. Bring in those under your personal protection in the world - family, dependents, clients, etc. Let them know you will hold and protect them, and allow them to observe and in whatever capacity they can, to assist you.

  3. Bring in friends and spiritual allies whom you sense are willing and able to work with you.

  4. Together with your allies, call those souls in transition of shock - killed, wounded or traumatized by the attacks. Let them know they have not been abandoned, hold and connect them to the Mother and the Center, letting them know they will have time to recover before returning - whether or not to the same form.

  5. In a more active role, psychically seek out those responsible, both exploders and exploiters. Let them know they can't hide behind their roles, their religions, their status in the world. Magnetize them with the female force and pull them in, imploding them and returning them to the Mother. (Those who do not understand what is meant here may simply ask for other assignments, or to help in whatever way you can.)

  6. Call allies on all planes - animal totems, angels, fairies, humans of good will - and begin to plant the seed and vision of the world you would like to see emerging. Activate and project your ideals. And settle in for the long haul.

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